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thanks so much for watching we'll see you again at 6:00. tonight on this special edition of "world news" from the democratic convention in charlotte. and this evening here, the big change, why the president is suddenly moving his speech and why both campaigns are spinning this tonight. also tonight, bill clinton. center stage, what we've learned about what he'll say. and michelle obama, the speech, was she taking aim. and tonight, what's happening now with that dress. touchdown, tornadoes striking in an unlikely place. and tonight, abc's weatheret tour sam champion with more extreme weather on the way. the moments after strapping police unstrap the bomb to help her. robbers forced her to make the heist. and the price is right. if you've ever bought something on line, the new report says if you wait just one minute before you place the order, you could save up to $100.
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and good evening, from charlotte tonight. a big night ahead here at the democratic national convention. and we should note that diane has just arrived back from mississippi. she was there today with our friend robin roberts for robin's mother's funeral. all of our hearts in mississippi today. diane will be here a little later in the broadcast. but we do begin tonight with the major headlines right here in charlotte tonight. where today we learned a sudden change of plans. in fact, look at this, the stage where president obama was to give his big speech outdoors tomorrow night, being taken apart tonight. his speech is now being moved here to a smaller arena indoors, the campaign says the possibility of storms and lightning forcing the move. the romney camp jumping in on their own take on that. and we'll get to that in just a moment. president obama, meanwhile, has touched down in charlotte just as former president bill clinton prepares to take the stage here this evening. and tonight, so many here at the arena still talking about
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michelle obama, the speech, the message and apparently the dress. our powerhouse political team is here on the ground. abc's white house correspondent jake tapper starting us off on the convention floor with the countdown to bill clinton. jake, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, david. there is a lot of drama, both about what bill clinton will say tonight and where president obama will speak tomorrow night. president obama arrived in charlotte this afternoon while crews were dismantling the original location for the speech he's giving tomorrow night. the outdoor 73,000 seat bank of america stadium. with forecasts predicting a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow, the obama campaign canceled the outdoor venue. the president will instead speak here at the time warner cable arena, less than a third the size. the campaign dismissed jibes from the romney campaign that what they were really worried about was a possible cold front in terms of voter enthusiasm. were you really going to be able to fill all those seats? >> absolutely. the fear is it is not just the rain, if there is lightning,
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people can get hurt. >> reporter: whatever the reason, they are leaving behind tens of thousands of disappointed supporters. >> i'm just incredibly bummed. i mean, i've been looking forward to this for a really long time. >> reporter: that disappointment is in contrast to the elation delegates felt after first lady michelle obama revved up the crowd last night. >> barack knows what it means when a family struggles. barack knows the american dream because he's lived it. >> reporter: tonight's big speech will be given by a former nemesis of the president, former president bill clinton. both during the 2008 democratic primaries when obama vanquished hillary clinton. >> this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale i've ever seen. >> reporter: and since then, theirs has been a complicated relationship. but president obama is relying on clinton to validate his economic principles. david maraniss of the "washington post' has written biographies of both men. >> events have conspired to bring bill clinton and barack obama to the same place.
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bill clinton loves to be needed as much as he needs to be loved and he's really needed by barack obama right now. >> and, david, because the original plan was to be in that outdoor venue where they were not going to be able to drop balloons for obvious reasons, there will not be balloons tomorrow night, after the president accepts his party's nomination for re-election, unlike what you normally see at such an event. as we saw last week when mitt romney accepted his party's nomination. so, david, i know you're a big fan of balloons. no balloons tomorrow, sorry. >> jake tapper leading us off, we'll have to settle for the confetti cannons instead. jake, thanks so much. well, last night, it wasn't the confetti but the "i love michelle" signs in the air, electrifying the crowd here and apparently somewhere place else, twitter. 28,000 per minute for the first lady in fact. and apparently, it wasn't just her speech, it was also her dress. and so we're going to turn down to the convention floor and
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abc's cecilia vega who is also right here in charlotte tonight, cecilia. >> yeah, david, good evening from the convention floor, as you said, i'm down here with the illinois delegation and there were certainly not so subtle jabs thrown out by the first lady last night. you can bet with just about every single one of those, the crowd went wild. >> at the end of the day, my most important title is still mom in chief. >> reporter: she may be all wife and all mother, but for every first lady like smile there was a political punch jab delivered like a boxer in a shiny dress. >> for barack, success isn't about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in people's lives. >> reporter: she never even mentioned her husband's wealthy opponent mitt romney by name, not once. but she did pepper her speech with not so subtle jabs about the rich getting richer while leaving the poor behind. >> how hard you work matters more than how much you make when
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you've worked hard and done well and walked through that door of opportunity. you do not slam it shut behind you. no, you reach back, and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed. >> reporter: what was she really trying to say? >> it was really well done how she never said the name mitt romney, but the context could not have been more. barack and michelle obama's life versus mitt and ann romney's life. that contrasted there. >> reporter: the other contrast of the night, the outfit. ms. romney's oscar de la renta retails for nearly $2,000. mrs. obama's, shoes by j. crew, dress by designer tracy reese, when 2 hits stores it will cost less than $500. the designer said she's been jammed with requests.
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and the first lady met with supporters today, she said she was a little tired after that long night on the stage here yesterday. but she said, she felt like that speech, david, set the stage for what's at stake in this election. >> a little bit tired but pleased how it went. cecilia, our thanks to you. by the way, diane will be sitting down. with the first lady tomorrow just hours before president obama takes the stage on the closing night of the democratic national convention. that interview with the first lady tomorrow night right here on "world news." and another big name at the democratic convention. caroline kennedy. she told me today this is the first convention in which she won't introduce her uncle teddy, the late edward kennedy. four years ago caroline endorsed then senator obama saying he inspired her the way her own father inspired americans. today, that inspiration that hope has faded. >> we did some research, and could it be true this is the first convention since 1944 when there wasn't an elected kennedy in the building? >> it's possible but i think there will be one pretty soon. my cousin joe. >> i thought you would say that. >> yeah, and he's terrific.
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but we -- >> give it a break? >> give it a break. >> reporter: caroline kennedy talking about her cousin joe who is running for congress in massachusetts. but it's her late uncle ted we talked about, too. >> you are uncle ted kennedy used booming voices for the obama campaign. >> well, he has a booming voice. >> but i want to take you back to something you wrote. you wrote, i have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me my father inspired them. for the first time, i think i found the man who can be that president. do you still feel as inspired? >> i absolutely do. one of the interesting things i saw on the campaign trail this year were so many people who had voted for my father in 1960 for the first time were out there again this year. and talking about president obama. and just as committed as ever. >> we remember the image of you and oprah on the stage four years ago. i'm curious, four years later, have you checked in with her? >> no, i was wondering if i might run into her again. >> see her, talk to her. >> see her, talk to her.
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>> do you miss some of that sizzle of maybe four years ago? >> oh, no. no. i think this is a great campaign. that was an incredible moment in our national history. >> is it a different time, a more sober time? >> i think it is. i think it is. >> reporter: she says for everyone it is the economy. but she argues the president is adding jobs. after inheriting an economy and hemorrhaging debt. she points to gay marriage and to the health care her uncle championed. >> the first time you won't be introducing your uncle teddy. >> right. >> is that tough for you? >> well, i miss him. and i think the video last night shows that many other people feel the same way. >> reporter: here at the convention, a tribute to ted kennedy with clips of him debating mitt romney who challenged kennedy in '94. >> i believe abortion should be safe and legal in this country. >> i supported roe v. wade, i am pro-choice. my opponent is multiple choice. >> in an unexpected way, do you
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think your uncle teddy is still advising the campaign? >> just how it's again and again. >> reporter: and about the romney's campaign of the talk of the obama campaign's fading posters of four years ago, the fading hope -- you're not worried about the enthusiasm gap? >> i'm not worried about an enthusiasm gap. certainly not in my house. >> how did the first lady do last night? >> oh, my god, she was unbelievable, fantastic. >> you're up tomorrow? >> yeah, exactly. >> any practice? >> i'm getting to that shortly. >> the speech is written? >> yeah, the speech is written. >> can you give us a preview? >> it will be something, you know, new and different. >> and hopefully profound. >> yeah, we'll see. >> our exclusive interview with caroline kennedy earlier today. i did ask caroline if she's ruled out a political future for herself, she said she simply doesn't know. as you heard her mention there, she speaks here tomorrow night, although she added she hasn't practiced her speech yet. get practicing, right? we're going to get, though, to the big speech tonight, bill clinton once helping his wife
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hillary clinton compete against then candidate obama, up there tonight fighting for president obama. let's bring in abc's political correspondent jon karl, jon, you and i were talking all afternoon. has the obama campaign seen the script, have they signed off on what bill clinton is going to say here tonight? >> oh, yeah, they've seen it. they make it very clear this is bill clinton's speech. now, clinton did talk personally with top officials in the campaign, i asked if the speech came together. but the campaign says they have seen it, they like what he has to say, they expect a good speech. but remember, bill clinton tends to make changes right up to the last minute on these big speeches. >> what about the relationship between these two, jon. some have called them frenemies. we all know bill clinton fought hard for his wife to win that primary. she wasn't successful. and now the two of them on the same stage often? >> yeah, it was a brutal campaign. and if you talked to friends of the clintons, what they will say, it took bill clinton a lot longer to get over it than it took hillary clinton.
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but what both sides will tell you that he is now 100% on board. he's already cut ads for them, they expect a very strong, no question about it endorsement, big speech tonight. that's why they've given him one one of the few prime time spots they have. >> abc's jon karl right here in the arena with us. our thanks to you. diane and george and the entire abc political team will be here tonight starting at 10:00 p.m. eastern for the convention coverage in prime time. we will see you then. we move on to a gathering storm, this one named leslie, upgraded to a hurricane. turning slowly over the caribbean right now. bermuda in its sights. it could arrive over the weekend, not expected to strike the u.s. tonight, it's packing winds up to 75 miles per hour. but as leslie builds it could pack winds up to 110 miles an hour. our extreme weather team watching it closely. believe it or not, we're still dealing with isaac as well. it's been a week since it made landfall in the gulf, making its way up. splitting in two, part of it headed south again.
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in fact, some of the remnants from the storm have now made their way back to the gulf, threatening to become a new tropical storm and the other parts of isaac causing something else tonight. tornados in an unlikely place. here's abc's weather editor sam champion. >> reporter: remnants of hurricane isaac are still dumping torrents of rain -- nine inches in just the past 24 hours in new jersey. and spawning twisters. this is cell phone video of a funnel cloud forming in cherry hill, new jersey. isaac has been a tornado maker since its landfall. this one in gulfport, mississippi. and has left a trail of twisters for days as far north as arkansas, missouri and illinois. but even with all of isaac's action, it's been a surprisingly light summer for tornadoes. the national severe storms laboratory in norman, oklahoma now saying it's the quietest year since the 1950s. and this summer's crippling dome of heat and drought are the reason. no rain means no storms, creating fewer tornadoes. that's why isaac, with its 47 tornados in nine states is so remarkable. david.
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>> sam champion tonight, i know you'll have much more on "good morning america" first thing in the morning. sam, thanks. and now with football season here, a troubling now report tonight, we've long heard about the link between football, head injuries, concussions. a new study finds the risk greater than we imagined. alzheimer's, lou gehrig's disease. a startling reality check just as the season kicks off. here's "20/20" anchor chris cuomo now. >> reporter: it is a sport derived from warfare, that is all about violence. espn sports science says these crushing blows can be the force equivalent of a sledge hammer blow to the head. one study found the average player takes 900 to 1,500 head shots a season. we all know what happens out here on the football field. the pass is thrown, the player makes the catch, there are a couple of quick moves and then an explosive collision that makes the crowd go wild. but what we're learning about what happens to these players once they leave this field may be even more shocking.
5:45 pm
today's study finds former football players suffer a higher risk of death from brain-related diseases. four times more likely to die of you alzheimer's disease or als. than the general population. >> there is a possibility that they might be at risk for developing degeneration later in life. >> reporter: the rate of death varied dramatically by player's position. quarterbacks and running backs, who play at higher speeds, were three times more likely to die from a disease from damage to the brain than less dynamic players such as linemen. the nfl announced today it is donating $30 million to fund research into brain injuries and other medical issues. but for all the research, the most pressing questions for families sending kids out on the field this fall is one without an answer, how can players be protected from the violence that is central to the game they play? chris cuomo, abc news, new york. >> chris, our thanks to you tonight. and still ahead here on "world news" from charlotte, a terrifying bank heist.
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a bank manager and strap what the woman is told is a bomb to her waist. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: east los angeles, 0830. the drama begins to unfold. the manager of this bank of america, you can see her there, carefully walking out of the bank, there's a bomb strapped to her stomach. >> she was told it was explosives, and she was ordered to go into the bank, take out all the money. >> reporter: she told police, the robbers kidnapped her last night and forced her to play that terrifying part in that audacious heist. that is the bank manager's car being taken away for further investigation. the bank manager herself is being questioned by the fbi. the bomb squad using a robot to detonate the device is still unclear whether it was genuine. there are echoes of that fatal robbery in pennsylvania in 2003 when a pizza delivery guy walked
5:50 pm
into a bank with a pipe bomb strapped to his neck and walked out with $8,700. the bomb later exploded killing him, unclear whether he was in on that plot. this morning, the bank manager said she feared for her life and just did exactly as she was told. >> she took the money out of the bank and threw it out the door to the bank robbers. >> reporter: two bank robbers who never set foot inside the building, escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> nick, our thanks to you tonight. and when we come back, we've all shopped online. now comes word if you wait just one minute before you click "buy" you can actually save $100. the big secret revealed next. $100. the big secret revealed next. questions?
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and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. welcome back now. my friend is back with word on our other friend tonight. >> and as we all know here at
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abc news, david, good to see you. it means so much that everyone at home is sending robin support and prayers. and today was a wonderful celebration of a luminous woman, her mom, and a luminous life, too. and we're back and ready for tonight. >> we have word of what bill clinton might be saying. >> that's right. we know for sure he's going to talk about the middle class and that barack obama has not finished cleaning up what he was handed yet. by the way, he comes in with astounding poll numbers. talk about riding a wave in here. the former president comes in here with 64% of men favorable rating. 68% of independents and 63% of those. >> and michelle obama last night, bill clinton tonight, it's going to be a tough act to follow for the president when he gets here tomorrow night. and as you heard, diane, now changed to this stage right behind us now coming indoors. diane and george lead the prime
5:58 pm
time coverage at 10:00 p.m. eastern. the entire powerhouse political team right here for you at throughout the night. for diane and robin down in mississippi and all of us, good night. we're in the hometown of a man who shot a chp officer, painting a portrait of an angry young rebel. >> we have new details on what happened along that freeway. why two units were involved in a stop. now a community outpouring of support. >> we're live in charlotte,
5:59 pm
north carolina for democratic national convention and the thunderstorm that left thousands of democrats with nowhere to go. >> from michael finney a woman bought an expensive new car and wasn't allowed to drive it. >> good evening, we begin with a threat of severe weather in the bay area tonight. >> and spencer christian is here now live with a look at live doppler 7 hd. >> there are scattered thunderstorms and looking at doppler 7 we can see a pattern calming down but there are pockets of active weather first up in the north bay there are little cells off shore, widely scattered showers. one area of light rain or sprinkles appears to be moving on shore now. coming back to take a wider view you can see off the county coastline in the santa cruz county coastline there is a wider area of moisture that hasn't made it off shore yet but

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